ARNO :†††† A b o u t††† t h e††† p a i n t i n g ,†††† t h e††† n o n Ė e x i s t e n t



I might relate to an object. That would be simple. Beginning is hard to do, thus it would

be done. This has been executed so often, all is said about it.


An artistís proceeding and thinking originate and change, also by age. Iím searching for

the unknown. So Iím standing in the dark.


I might consider to take some red-or should I better take some green? Thatís an uncer-

tainty I have to get out of. Iím standing without pants. Nobody can see it because itís

going on in my head.


I must create a situation that allows me to go on. I can only succeed by changing. Which

interactions will happen? Why? The painting, still my opponent, begins to talk to me softly.

I can pull up my pants.

I can only work†† w i t h†† the painting, not against it. It talks to me louder. The right way

is inevitable now. In the meantime we have become friends.


In the beginning of the painting process it might happen that great inventions and perfect

parts occur. Normally from there no way leads anywhere, all is obstructed. Mated!


What I said is only theory unless it is realized.We can be influenced, there is a loss of

artistic power at times. Some people think they should still do this or that. Bad idea!

One of the reasons for weakening the work of an old artist.


After all reality has come into being. Reality with many layers. It may be that different

paintings have different and desired realities. Reproduction of objects would be

unnecessary or even disturbing.


Some friends in my mind:†† Thelonius Monk, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Cannonball

Adderley†† -†† too few mentioned.



I will be quiet now.